М.А. Комбаров
The article reveals the issue of improving the financial company's performance based on the profit indicators, profitability, financial ratios, net profit and other financial indicators analysis. The study was carried out using the reporting data of the Russian auditing organization - Universal Business Expertise LLC and is aimed at studying its financial sustainability. This article provides the company's brief description, including its history, as well as the calculation and analysis results
more » ... nd analysis results of the main financial and economic indicators for the period 2017 - 2018, posted on official Internet sources. Comparing these indicators values with the normative and with the average for domestic audit firms, the author comes to the conclusion that there are problems in the UBEX activities. However, assessment the company's bankruptcy likelihood using the Altman model and scientific papers analysis makes it possible to determine that the identified problems can be easily eliminated. The analyzed company needs to accelerate the accounts receivable turnover for the problem solution and increase the authorized capital size, replenish its staff with new employees.
doi:10.34709/im.162.3 fatcat:6kjebuatpvgpxeyyktz2e2occi