Proposição de um sistema de avaliação do nível de maturidade em gestão estratégica de incorporadoras imobiliárias residenciais [thesis]

Murillo André Mendonça
In an industry that experienced a long recession in the decade of the 2010s, the improvement of the management processes of the strategy of residential real estate developers in Brazil is a conditioning factor for a company to survive in this market, characterized by having many companies that present several weaknesses and bottlenecks in the strategic management process, and maintain competitiveness and drive growth in the decade of 2020, which begins. Much is said about the need for
more » ... ion and innovation in the sector, but in order for these movements to be supported on cohesive foundations and for a well-structured action plan, it is necessary that these bottlenecks and weaknesses in relation to the organizations' strategy be overcome, in addition to a plan for continuous improvement of these processes within the companies. For the development of the evaluation system proposed in this research, which proposes the diagnosis of the level of maturity in Strategic Management of residential real estate developers and the guidelines for conducting the strategy, bibliographic researches, interviews and field research were carried out with agents of residential real estate developers, with the objective of drawing an initial diagnosis of how these companies understand and conduct such a process in their companies and aiming to develop a comprehensive questionnaire for companies in the sector and propose tools that assist organizations in the implementation of action plans, with the objective of raising the level of maturity in strategic management. It can be inferred that the residential real estate development market is composed of several companies that still have many weaknesses and bottlenecks in the strategic management process, with 41.67% of the organizations interviewed having a maturity level below ideal standard. This fact corroborates the thesis that in order for organizations to identify which are the weaknesses and bottlenecks, it is necessary to have a system for evaluating the level of maturity where organizations can apply an evaluation questionnaire throughout their business structure, defining the level of maturity (within an established classification) in strategic management that they are currently in, also making it possible to verify which are the main actions and tools to be used to raise the current level of maturity to the next level, always seeking continuous improvement .
doi:10.11606/d.3.2021.tde-12072021-112839 fatcat:72ysocrt4vfbdn2ai7agl7vkvm