Carcinoma of the adrenal cortex causing feminism in an adult male

1953 Journal of the Royal Army Medical Corps  
SEVERAL well-known clinical. syndromes are associated with carcinoma, adenoma or hyperplasia of the adrenal cortex, but that of feminizing changes in the adult male' is very rare. The following is a report of such a case, in which also the giant size of the tumour is worthy of note. CASE REPORT History Male, aged 47, an army officer, married. At examination for life insurance a large swelling had been discovere~ on the left side of the abdomen, of which the patient had been quite unaware. He
more » ... uite unaware. He was admitted to hospital in September, 1950, on a provisional diagnosis of an enlarged spleen. He had always been fit and athletic, did not admit to any complaints, and had not suffered from any serious illnesses or accidents.' It was, in fact, difficult to obtain a satisfactory history from him, and some of the details were only obtained later from his wife. There were two children, a daughter born in 1928, and a son born in 1945. Mter returning from India in 1947, he put on weight and his wife noticed that his breasts were slowly enlarging, the left more than the right. His sexual appetite became gradually but completely lost, whereas formerly it had been quite normal. Early in 1950 he experienced a few attacks of severe abdominal pain and sickness, but he paid little attention to them and did not consult a doctor. On Examination External Appearance.-He was moderately stout, the adiposity having a distinctly feminine distribution and the "mons veneris" being especially prominent. The breasts were very large for a male and were pendulous. The
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