Static Behavior of a Modified Through-Core Connection between CFST Column and Composite Beam

Qi-shi Zhou, Hua-wei Fu, Xu-hong Zhou, Yu-jie Yu, Qian-ren Wang
2019 Advances in Civil Engineering  
Through-core connection has been proven to be an ideal solution to ensure a rigid connection between steel beams and CFST columns. However, the traditional through-core connection sometimes encounters concrete filling problems. A modified through-core connection design with details of reduced flange width was therefore proposed. Through-core reinforcements were added as supplements for tension load transfer. The monotonic loading tests and comprehensive FE simulations were performed to
more » ... rformed to investigate the load bearing performance and working mechanism of this modified connection. The results indicated that the modified through-core connection presented plasticity hinge failure at the beam end and crack formulation and progradation at the RC slab. The reduced flange width reduced the strength of the connection, but the reduction extent was limited. Due to the through-core construction, the majority of internal forces at the beam were directly transferred into the column. The through-core reinforcement can effectively participate in load bearing after the connection yields. The flange width reduction extent and the length of the reduction region must be controlled to ensure sufficient connection strength. The number of shear studs and TC reinforcements can influence the load bearing ability, and design suggestions are provided for the modified through-core connection.
doi:10.1155/2019/8314543 fatcat:x4j6vct3sbakrjryx2ge774zgu