Generalization of geological maps: aggregation and typification of polygon groups

Azimjon Sayidov, Robert Weibel
The automation of the map generalization process has been the focus of much research and investigation, which has repeatedly highlighted the significance of modelling the spatial relationship between map features to understand their meaning and importance for the generalized map. For the case of polygon generalization for reduced-scale geological maps, this research focuses on developing algorithms for aggregation and typification of polygon groups that take into account different spatial
more » ... ures to support the automated generalization solutions. The overall approachis divided into three stages: groups analysis, generalization of groups,and evaluation of results. For the first stage, the groups are further divided into subgroups,which opens more room for different aggregation and typification operatorsand algorithms.The result of this group analysis allows the following generalization stage to informatively select the appropriate algorithms to deal with a group of polygons. In the second stage, two generalization operators are available, aggregation and typification, implemented by different algorithms. The concluding evaluation stage takes two forms, constraint-based and visual assessment.Thisresearch is part of a largerresearch project devoted todeveloping an integrated methodology for the generalization of geological maps. In particular,the polygon groups used in this paper werealreadyidentified in a preceding step, and hence this short paper focuses primarily on the second stage, that is, generalization of polygon groups.
doi:10.5167/uzh-181488 fatcat:wsslzibj5zhvpjifk2ib5mhfs4