Fast geodesic active contours

R. Goldenberg, R. Kimmel, E. Rivlin, M. Rudzsky
2001 IEEE Transactions on Image Processing  
We use an unconditionally stable numerical scheme to implement a fast version of the geodesic active contour model. The proposed scheme is useful for object segmentation in images, like tracking moving objects in a sequence of images. The method is based on the Weickert-Romeney-Viergever (additive operator splitting) AOS scheme. It is applied at small regions, motivated by Adalsteinsson-Sethian level set narrow band approach, and uses Sethian's fast marching method for re-initialization.
more » ... ental results demonstrate the power of the new method for tracking in color movies.
doi:10.1109/83.951533 pmid:18255491 fatcat:sgy2cwelazaivlppyo74rx4cga