The Relationship of Periodontal Health Recognition and Self Oral Hygiene Behaviors of Dental Clinic Inpatient
치과내원 환자의 치주건강인식도와 자기구강위생관리행위의 관련성

Ji-Eon Jang
2015 Journal of dental hygiene science  
This paper was trying to investigate the periodontal health recognition and self oral hygiene behaviors and figure out that relationship. The results having analyzed 592 questionnaires returned patient who had visited the dental clinic which is selected randomly were following. There were relationships between the periodontal health recognition and self oral hygiene behaviors. Self oral hygiene behaviors were significantly high when, women did than men did, education level, subjective oral
more » ... ubjective oral health status, and periodontal health recognition about managements were higher and periodontal health recognitions about treatment were lower. It was the periodontal health recognition that was influential the most in the independent variables. Therefore, knowledge related to the periodontal health should be educated to the patients visiting the dental clinic, and the patients should receive helps to perform self oral hygiene behaviors by inducing the transition of attitude to periodontal health.
doi:10.17135/jdhs.2015.15.5.666 fatcat:pm2j3i2l7jc3vpewccalfop4rq