Fluid dynamics in naturally fractured tectonic reservoirs

Nelson Barros-Galvis, V. Fernando Samaniego, Héber Cinco-Ley
2017 Journal of Petroleum Exploration and Production Technology  
This study presents analytical models for naturally fractured tectonic reservoirs (NFTRs), which essentially correspond to type I fractured reservoirs, including the effects of the nonlinear gradient term for radial flow, single phase (oil), for constant rate in an infinite reservoir. Using an exact solution of Navier-Stokes equation and Cole-Hopf transform, NFTRs have been modeled. Our models are applied for fissured formations with extensive fractures. Smooth and rough extension fractures
more » ... nsion fractures were analyzed using single and slab flow geometries. The motivation for this study was to develop a real and representative model of a NFTR, with extension fractures to describe its pressure behavior. A discussion is also presented with field examples, regarding the effect of a quadratic gradient term and the difference between the nonlinear and linear pressure solutions, comparing the Darcy laminar flow equation, with the exact solution of the Navier-Stokes equation applied to the diffusion equation and boundary conditions in wellbore. Conversion factors ft. 9 3.048 E-01 = m s 9 2.7777 E-04 = h psi 9 6.894757 E-00 = kPa cp 9 1.0 E-03 = Pa s in. 9 2.54 E-02 = m g/cm 3 9 1.000 E-03 = kg/m 3 Darcy 9 9.869230 E-13 = m 2 Bbl 9 1.589873 E-01 = m 3 Abbreviations NFTR Naturally fractured tectonic reservoir Re Reynolds number J Petrol Explor Prod Technol
doi:10.1007/s13202-017-0320-8 fatcat:ssebdp7tn5frlem3crfvgnc2c4