Increasing Chip Functionality in a Limited Package Footprint through Innovative Multiple Die Design and Assembly Process

Ian Harvey Arellano
2019 Zenodo  
A semiconductor package containing multiple dies could be assembled using independent assembly flows where each flow involved attaching a die on a carrier or onto another die using a die attach material, and electrically connecting the die to the carrier and/or another die using a wire. The assembled carrier containing two or more dies is mounted onto another assembled carrier containing two or more dies. The assembly containing the carriers, dies, wires and die attach materials are molded
more » ... als are molded using a molding compound. One side of the package can be customized to serve as a footprint for additional die assembly such that another set of one or more die is attached to the package, serving as a carrier, using a die attach material or a bump in the case of chip scale package.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3341564 fatcat:vdkwtr5xdzf7lidonvyggsmx7q