Application of multivariate statistical methods for characterizing heterolithic reservoirs based on wireline logs – example from the Carpathian Foreland Basin (Middle Miocene, SE Poland)

2014 Geological Quarterly  
Puskarczyk, E., Jarzyna, J., Porêbski, S.J., 2015. Ap pli ca tion of multivariate sta tis ti cal meth ods for char ac ter iz ing heterolithic res er voirs based on wire line logs -ex am ple from the Carpathian Foredeep Ba sin (Mid dle Mio cene, SE Po land). Geo log i cal Quar terly, 59 (1): 157-168, doi: 10.7306/gq.1202 Prin ci pal Com po nents Anal y sis (PCA) and Clus ter Anal y sis (CA) were ap plied for well log data de rived from heterolithic inter vals drilled in two bore holes (Mrowla-1
more » ... re holes (Mrowla-1 and Cierpisz-2) in the Mio cene fill of the Carpathian Foredeep. Both bore holes pen e trated sim i lar base ment el e va tions con duc tive for struc tural trap ping of hy dro car bons in an over ly ing thin-bed ded heterolithic res er voir, which pro duces gas in com mer cial quan ti ties in one bore hole. The PCA was used to re duce data space pre serv ing suf fi cient amounts of pa ram e ters for a dif fer en ti a tion be tween thin lay ers of sand stones and mudstones and be tween gas-and wa ter-sat u rated ho ri zons. In both bore holes, the num ber of logs was re duced to four sig nif i cant prin cipal com po nents (PCs). Dif fer ences be tween gas-sat u rated and wa ter-sat u rated lay ers were found. CA was used for the clas si fi ca tion and group ing of data ac cord ing to nat u ral petrophysical fea tures of the ana lysed rocks. The group cor re sponding to gas-sat u rated zones was found in the Cierpisz-2 bore hole. It is con cluded that PCA and CA can pro vide use ful in for mation for a more re li able iden ti fi ca tion of gas-sat u rated ho ri zons.
doi:10.7306/gq.1202 fatcat:vu52z4rc5zhj5i5bavc34t2eva