Securing MANETs using Cluster-based Certificate Revocation Method: An Overview

Mrs Dipti, S Sawant, E Kamalasekaran
Security is an important issue in Mobile Ad-hoc NETworks. It is difficult to secure MANET because of its dynamic topology and lack of infrastructure. Certificate Revocation is widely used and reliable method to secure the MANET. Certificate Revocation isolates the attackers from further participating in network activities. False accusation of legitimate node as an attacker node is an issue with certificate revocation system. This paper presents an overview of Cluster-based Certificate
more » ... rtificate Revocation system, which can address the said issue. In this, Cluster Head (CH) plays an important role in detecting the falsely accused nodes within its cluster and revoking their certificates to solve the issue of false accusation. The following four modules of this system are discussed: 1) cluster communication, 2) function performed by Certificate Authority (CA), 3) classification of the nodes and 4) certificate revocation. This method overcomes the limitations of the existing certificate revocation schemes and enhances the network security and performance of MANET.