Tailoring Isothermal Redox Properties of Calcium-based Perovskites [article]

Ningyu Yu, University Of Calgary, University Of Calgary, Nader Mahinpey
Perovskite structured (ABO3) redox materials are highly attractive for the advancement of a variety of sustainable processes such as Chemical Looping Combustion (CLC), thermochemical fuel production, etc. Apart from the state-of-the-art materials that require extreme synthesis and reaction conditions such as high temperature, simple perovskites that can operate at comparatively lower temperatures and are carbon resistant are strongly desired. This challenge was undertaken in the present thesis,
more » ... and for this purpose, CaMnO3 and its Fe substituted analogues were chosen. Isothermal redox properties of this material were investigated at various selected temperatures from 600°C to 900°C, demonstrating up to 15 cycles of consistent oxygen release/uptake capacity, with no noticeable amount of carbon deposition under any conditions used in the present study. Structural and compositional variations were monitored at different stages using SEM, EDS and wide angle XRD.
doi:10.11575/prism/32710 fatcat:i64ajoeujfgdbm3xtpe3i47eom