Ni Wiasti
Beauty is not an independent entity. It deeply roots in the culture of a particular community. Such a culture is influenced by environmental conditions where the community lives. On that account, beauty poses a social construction created by human beings. It changes all the times in accordance with the tastes and interests of the community because it is indeed constructed by the community itself. In the Balinese community, it is constructed that woman is considered beautiful if she has physical
more » ... if she has physical beauty and charming personality (inner beauty). Furthermore, since the modernity engulfs the world, the concept of beauty is more referring to the construction of market and capitalistic ideology. The presence of advertisement and market does not only offer body care and beauty products, but at the same time they also offer the concept of ideal woman image. Today, a woman considered beautiful if she has white skin, slim body and symmetrical face. Having passed through a series of battles between capitalism and local values, the concept of beauty puts more emphasis on physical beauty than any other consideration. Mass media, advertisement, fitness centers and beauty salons become important agents of change. The presence of capitalism has resulted in revitalization of Balinese culture, including the beauty of women coming into view not only in the religious and customary moment but also in day-today life. Even, beauty is used as a means to achieve an objective in the occupation or career. Keywords: redefinition of beauty, women productivity Pendahuluan Pengaruh globalisasi telah menyentuh semua aspek kehidupan manusia, termasuk tubuh/diri (body) atau penampilan diri juga mengalami estetisasi melalui proses konstruksi. Pada sisi lain kehadiran media, tidak dapat diabaikan dalam mengkonstruksi kecantikan tubuh perempuan. Konstruksi kecantikan pada perempuan yang dibangun oleh media adalah kecantikan dengan kriteria seperti kulit putih, tinggi, wajah simetris, pinggul ramping dan payudara penuh berisi. Idealisme pada kulit putih ini dapat dilihat