A Model of Thermal Energy Storage According to the Convention of Bond Graphs (Bg) and State Equations (Se)

Marian Cichy, Jacek Kropiwnicki, Zbigniew Kneba
2015 Polish Maritime Research  
The main advantage of the use of the Bond Graphs method and State Equations for modeling energy systems with a complex structure (marine power plants, hybrid vehicles, etc.) is the ability to model the system components of different physical nature using identical theoretical basis. The paper presents a method of modeling thermal energy storage, which is in line with basic BG theory. Critical comments have been put forward concerning multiport energy storage introduced by other authors or the
more » ... er authors or the so-called C-field. In suggested approach, the decision not to use pseudo Bond Graphs has been justified as not being in line with basic BG theory. On the basis of molecular physics it was considered that the state variable, in physical and mathematical sense, should be temperature rather than entropy. Examples of the application of the proposed approach to thermodynamic processes and heat exchange have been presented. The application of a single graph as a model for thermal energy storage has been illustrated by a way of numerical simulation examples.
doi:10.1515/pomr-2015-0069 fatcat:gzi4abs5bzhejc6ycbm5bcaere