Iron from Lake Superior

1848 Scientific American  
5.dcntitir 2\tn£tirnn. tru nions, not as in the oscillating kind, but better than none. Charcoal is the best puri hung at the top as it were, and vibrate like fler. It not only remo\"es Impurities of color, pendulums. They are also combined upon but impurities of taste and smell, ann a til Woolfe's principle, having one small high teri�g 30x made as described above will last pressure cylinder and another large conden-I for a twelvemonth with an expense for char sing cylinder side by side. The
more » ... side by side. The steam from the coal of only twenty five cents. boiler passes through �onnecting pipes into hollow chamber trunnions, and the open ends A New Acid.
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican06101848-301f fatcat:a47ohc36pjbh3njmbj5fiyyeh4