Nationwide Stature Estimation From Armspan Measurements in Albanian Youngsters

Bojan Masanovic, Stevo Popovic, Juel Jarani, Andi Spahi, Dusko Bjelica
2020 International Journal of Morphology  
MASANOVIC, B.; POPOVIC, S.; JARANI, J.; SPAHI, A. & BJELICA, D. Nationwide stature estimation from armspan measurements in Albanian youngsters. Int. J. Morphol., 38(2):382-388, 2020. SUMMARY: The purpose of this research is to examine stature in both Albanian sexes as well as its association with arm span, as an alternative to estimating stature. A total of 445 individuals (266 boys and 179 girls) participated in this research. The anthropometric measurements were taken according to the
more » ... of ISAK. The relationships between stature and arm span were determined using simple correlation coefficients at a 95 % confidence interval. Then a linear regression analysis was carried out to examine extent to which arm span can reliably predict stature. Results displayed that Albanian boys are 176.57±7.36 cm tall and have an arm span of 179.98±9.41 cm, while Albanian girls are 166.84±9.28 cm tall and have an arm span of 167.53±10.34 cm. The results have shown that both sexes made Albanians a tall nation but not even close to their male compatriots from Kosovo that are almost 3 centimeters taller, while the results in female population are opposite. Moreover, the arm span reliably predicts stature in both sexes, which confirms a high R-square (%) for the boys (73.4) as well as for the girls (78.8).
doi:10.4067/s0717-95022020000200382 fatcat:cilglo2xljcavaivta6bzph7oq