Advancing the State of the Fog Computing to Enable 5G Network Technologies

Yahui Meng, Muhammad Ali Naeem, Alaa Omran Almagrabi, Rashid Ali, Hyung Seok Kim
2020 Sensors  
Fog Computing (FC) is promising to Internet architecture for the emerging of modern technological approaches such as Fifth Generation (5G) networks and the Internet of Things (IoT). These are the advanced technologies that enable Internet architecture to enhance the data dissemination services based on numerous sensors generating continuous sensory information. It is tough for the current Internet architecture to meet up with the growing demands of the users for such a massive amount of
more » ... ion. Therefore, it needs to adopt modern technologies for efficient data dissemination services across the Internet. Thus, the FC and 5G are updating the data transmission using new technological approaches that are intelligently processing data to provide enhanced communications. This study proposes necessary measures to boost the growth of FC to 5G network usage. It is done by taking an extensive review of how 5G operates as well as studying its taxonomy, the idea of IoT, reviewed projects on IoT applicability, comparison of computing technologies, and the importance of FC. Moreover, it elaborates dynamic issues of computing network technologies, and information is provided on how to remedy these for future recommendations in the field of research and computing network technologies. This paper heavily focuses on the applications of FC as an enabler to the 5G network by identifying the necessary services and network-oriented features that are needed to be used in the place for an improved future enterprise network technology.
doi:10.3390/s20061754 pmid:32245261 fatcat:5uoghhnrj5b37la6ryib2hiqyu