1878 Nature  
March 7, 1878] NATURE peculiar structure project. These long hairs are very thin at the bulb, and increase very gradually in thickness for about one-third of their length, when they suddenly contract a little, and then expand into a flat lance·shaped blade, which terminates in a very fine point. This coarser part covers the whole body, the thick root of the tail, and the upper part of the limbs ; the rest of the tail, the under side of the muzzle, and the upper surface of the feet are clothed
more » ... th short, close hairs. The ears are of moderate size, the eyes very small, and the toes on all the feet, five in number, are armed with small sharp claws, and without webs, but the second and third toes on the hind feet are 'united as far as the end of the first phalanx
doi:10.1038/017367a0 fatcat:tdksvtnbpzbsvgav7lqdokniay