Assessment of production manufacturability of the design in the product life cycle

B. M. Bazrov, M. L. Kheifetz, V. L. Hurevich, N. N. Popok
2020 Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences of Belarus Physical-Technical Series  
On the basis of technical and economic analysis of the properties of relations between design and technological solutions, a method for the integral assessment of production manufacturability by combining individual manufacturability coefficients at different stages of the product life cycle is suggested. Separate coefficients take into account the influence degree of various constituent stages on the labor intensity of production and maintenance, repair and disposal of the product structure.
more » ... sign and technological solutions in design systems imply the use of properties such as reflexivity, symmetry and transitivity. As a result, it is proposed to understand the properties set of the product design that determine its adaptability to achieve optimal costs in production and disposal for specified quality indicators and work conditions. A list of manufacturability coefficients of manufacturing a product design has been determined, including coefficients of purchase, repeatability of details and connections, material hardness, borrowing, typing, precision, roughness, mass. An examination of the effectiveness assessment the use tools, equipment and other objects of the technological environment at the stages design and technological production preparation is formalized. The examination includes an analysis of the frequency and duration of the meeting of structural parts elements and the tools state at the stages of their manufacture, operation and disposal.
doi:10.29235/1561-8358-2020-65-4-422-432 fatcat:6wue5xdzbjc6ddkwc36zoakw2q