Conceptual representation of pictures and words: Reply to Clark

Mary C. Potter, Judith F. Kroll
1987 Journal of experimental psychology. General  
Clark (1987) offers a dual coding alternative (Paivio, 1971 (Paivio, , 1986 to the conceptual hypothesis that Potter, proposed to explain the ease with which people can read and understand rebus sentences in which a picture replaces a noun. We present theoretical and empirical reasons for positing a conceptual representation that is distinct from the representation of an object's name and from a mental image of it. The hierarchical conceptual model has greater explanatory and predictive power
more » ... predictive power and is more parsimonious overall than Clark's alternative.
doi:10.1037//0096-3445.116.3.310 fatcat:hqgrkzilsvdebkrddi665ix5aa