Dendrimers as a Novel Carrier in Anti-HIV Therapy

P. Arshad, P. Dineshkumar, K. Naga Jyothi, M. Karthik, Govindaraj Saravanan
2019 Journal of Drug Delivery and Therapeutics  
The present treatments for HIV transfection include chemical agents and gene therapies. Although many chemical drugs, peptides and genes have been developed for HIV inhibition, a variety of non-ignorable drawbacks limited the efficiency of these materials. Dendrimers has ability to carrier of antiviral drugs due to some properties such as mono-dispersity, defined structure, amenability for functionalization using diverse ligands and its low-nanometer size. In this review, we discuss the
more » ... discuss the application of dendrimers as both therapeutic agents and non-viral vectors of chemical agents and genes for HIV treatment. In one way, dendrimers with functional end groups combine with the gp120 of HIV and CD4 molecule of host cell to suppress the attachment of HIV to the host cell. In another way, dendrimers are also able to transfer chemical drugs and genes into the host cells, which increase the anti-HIV activity of these materials. Dendrimers as therapeutic tools provide a potential treatment for HIV infection. Keywords: Dendrimers, Drug release, Drug targeting, gp120, CD4, Antiviral drug
doi:10.22270/jddt.v9i5-s.3650 fatcat:xbds7ojjnvegbne4ymlyvxw76a