An Optimization Method for BAQ(Block Adaptive Quantization) Threshold Table Using Real SAR Raw Data
영상레이다 원시데이터를 이용한 BAQ(Block Adaptive Quantization) 최적화 방법

Sungjae Lim, Hyonik Lee, Seyoung Kim, Changho Nam
2017 Journal of the Korea Institute of Military Science and Technology  
The size of raw data has dramatically increased due to the recent trend of Synthetic Aperture Radar(SAR) development plans for high resolution and high definition image acquisition. The large raw data has an impact on satellite operability due to the limitations of storage and transmission capacity. To improve the SAR operability, the SAR raw data shall be compressed before transmission to the ground station. The Block Adaptive Quantization (BAQ) algorithm is one of the data compression
more » ... compression algorithm and has been used for a long time in the spaceborne SAR system. In this paper, an optimization method of BAQ threshold table is introduced using real SAR raw data to prevent the degradation of signal quality caused by data compression. In this manner, a new variation estimation strategy and a new threshold method for block type decision are introduced.
doi:10.9766/kimst.2017.20.2.187 fatcat:oqqfj2udxvfxbgme3qmxuadeu4