The effect of holothurin on leucocyte migration

B. J. Lasley, Ross F. Nigrelli
1971 Zoologica; scientific contributions of the New York Zoological Society  
Crude Holothurin, purified Holothurin A, and desulfated Holothurin A, water soluble steroid saponins from the Cuvierian organs of the Bahamian sea cucumber Actinopyga agassizi Selenka, cause a stimulation of leucocyte migration from buffy layer in capillary tubes in relatively low concentrations and an inhibition of the movements at higher concentrations. The inhibitory properties are compared with similar effects by Ouabain, a non-hemolytic saponin, and by liberated hemoglobin. The Holothurins
more » ... had no effect on the migration pattern of the leucocytes in the presence of anaerobic and aerobic inhibitors. The effect of Holothurin on the amoeboid movements of the leucocytes is discussed in relation to surface alterations and cell membrane permeability.
doi:10.5962/p.206666 fatcat:b4dodfu3ljhb3h36pkefloddyu