RC Servo and Stepper Motor Control Using Verilog HDL

Kingshuk Chowdhury, Rumana Hossain, Saif Ahmed, Iqbal Rahman Rokon
2015 International Journal of VLSI & Signal Processing  
In this paper, an FPGA model of RC servo and Stepper motor control system was built. This system consists of EP2C5T144C8 Cyclone II Mini Board, 9 grams micro servo motor, 28BYJ-48 Stepper Motor, ULN2003 motor driver. This system operates 3 functions parallelly, a simple binary count with the 3 LEDs on the board, from 0 to 7, controlling a RC servo, where the position is dependent on the value in the previous counter. The servo starts when the counter value goes from 000 to 001 for the first
more » ... . After counting from 0 to 7 for the first time, the servo goes to its initial position when the counter goes to 000 for all the time and controlling a Stepper motor, where the speed is dependent again on the previous counter. The proposed model is built using Verilog HDL, simulated using Modelsim Altera Starter Edition 10.1d and synthesized using Xilinx ISE 9.2i package, and will be implemented using Cyclone II FPGA Mini Board kit. Implementation and Simulation behavioral model results show that the proposed model satisfies the specified operational requirements.
doi:10.14445/23942584/ijvsp-v2i6p103 fatcat:kflsoorf2fatte763qp4og3z5m