An Algorithm of Mobile Robot Node Location Based on Wireless Sensor Network

Peng An
2017 International Journal of Online Engineering (iJOE)  
In the wireless sensor network, there is a consistent one-to-one match between the information collected by the node and the location of the node. Therefore, it attempts to determine the location of unknown nodes for wireless sensor networks. At present, there are many kinds of node localization methods. Because of the distance error, hardware level, application environment and application costs and other factors, the positioning accuracy of various node positioning methods is not in complete
more » ... s not in complete accord. The objective function is established and algorithm simulation experiments are carried out to make a mobile ronot node localization. The experimnettal results showed that the proposed algorithm can achieve higher localization precision in fewer nodes. In addition, the localization algorithm was compared with the classical localization algorithm. In conclusion, it is verified that the localization algorithm proposed in this paper has higher localization accuracy than the traditional classical localization algorithm when the number of nodes is larger than a certain number
doi:10.3991/ijoe.v13i05.7044 fatcat:ridrfucgkna4zes4z26f7z32mu