Avoidance and Overuse of Indonesian Language among Balinese Children

Wayan Pageyasa
2017 International Journal of Education and Literacy Studies  
The use of Indonesian language by children who speak the Balinese language, especially for children who live in rural areas is quite difficult. This is because their Balinese language is much different from Indonesian language. If they speak Indonesian language, they have to fall back to the language first. That is, language transfer process will take place from Balinese language to Indonesian language. This research aims to describe two phenomena of the language transfer process, namely
more » ... cess, namely avoidance and overuse (excessive use). Qualitative data were obtained from one Balinese child, namely Gede. Gede's daily conversations were recorded to be analyzed. The researcher also used field notes. The results show that there is indeed avoidance and overuse in the use of Indonesian language by Gede. The teachers must be aware of the student's avoidance and overuse of Indonesian language, then the teacher can choose a contextual teaching method that best fits their students' need in order to enable them to cope with the avoidance and overuse in learning the second language. In conclusion, the Balinese child's avoidance and overuse, displayed in his use of Indonesian Language, is a concequence of his prior knowledge of his first language (L1) as well as his cultural awareness. Teachers should facilitate their students' second language (L2) learning by being aware of their L1 prior knowledge and culture.
doi:10.7575/aiac.ijels.v.5n.4p.32 fatcat:iofu7alnhzgxxjjsblz2evrwf4