Americans Raising Sunken Vessels

1857 Scientific American  
sunk in the loose earth ls, as shown by the above, somewhat uncertain. It may be ob served that most or all of the tube wells examined yield water of a quality between that of pure, soft water, like Croton, and that of the hard nauseous fluid from the surface wells. California Want. and onr Mannfactnre •• We hltve received quite an interesting letter from one of our correipondents-Mr. A. Doo little, of Alpha, CaL-in which he complain. of the depreciation in the character of many of our
more » ... res recently sent to the Golden State. We will specify some of these: India Rubber Goods.-The india rubber boots recently exported to California are much inferior to those fo rmerly sent there. As the cODBumption of these have increMed, inferior kinds have been manufactured and lent out to meet the demand for them. The retail price for one pair is from $7 to $9, and the same sum for an india rubber coat. After II few days' wear by the miner, the boots come apltrt in the seams, and the coat leaks some
doi:10.1038/scientificamerican05091857-278a fatcat:yl7fz57nufgide6lmdftiohqra