Interactive comment on "Flow angle measurement of a yawed turbine and comparison to models" by

Tyler Gallant, David Johnson, Tyler Gallant, David Johnson
Thank you for the careful and detailed review of our experimental study. The general subject of a wind turbine in yaw is significant and a state-of-the-art review would encompass more than what would be required to introduce these experimental measurements. The literature that has been reviewed is specific and of recent publication. Updates to the literature review are always possible if they address the specifics of the experiments detailed here. The authors are well-aware of IEA Task 29. IEA
more » ... f IEA Task 29. IEA Task 29 is important although full results of the yawed cases are somewhat challenging to find in the peer reviewed literature. If angle of attack measurements in that Task have been missed by the authors they will certainly be welcomed and added to the background. We have many potential rotor configurations (1-3 blades) and have undertaken many C1