Automated frequency tuning of SRF cavities at CEBAF [report]

M. Chowdhary, L. Doolittle, G. Lahti, S.N. Simrock, R. Terrell
1995 unpublished
An automated cavity tuning procedure has been implemented in the CEBAF control system to tune the superconducting RF (SRF) cavities to their operating frequency of 1497 MHz. The capture range for coarse tuning algorithm (Burst Mode) is more than 20 cavity bandwidths (5 WIz). The fine tuning algorithm (Sweep Mode) calibrates the phase offset in the detuning angle measurement. This paper describes the implementation of these algorithms and experience of their operation in CEBAF control system.
doi:10.2172/244503 fatcat:n5kdp2mmlbaohbenxg5mgvdaa4