Virtual Reality-based Intelligent Table Lamp

Yingjie Fu, Dongjie Li, Jian Song, Yujia Sheng
2014 International Journal of Control and Automation  
With the development of modern technology, the intelligent household appliances are more and more popular among people. However, now the lamps on the market are mostly ordinary lamps, and they can not meet the requirements of users. Because of that situation, in this paper, an intelligent lamp based on virtual reality and face/book and voice recognition is designed. Firstly, the master control circuit and peripheral functional circuit of the intelligent lamp are designed with the key of
more » ... the key of ATMEGA2560 micro dips, and the body of the lamp is designed. At the same time, the virtual environment carrying virtual three-dimensional model is developed using Java (based on cell phone) and C++ (based on personal computer). The Open CV algorithms are used to identify images of objects that the intelligent lamp uploads. Users can interact with intelligent lamp between peripheral functional circuit and virtual environment. There are many characteristics of this intelligent lamp, such as, variety of control mode, high intelligent, stable performance, simple operation, high degree of user experience and so on. Users can modify the PC code and add related module at the reserved ports of the lamp to achieve more functions. 294 Copyright ⓒ 2014 SERSC circuit (used to handle voltage to fulfill the requirements of desk lamp), the touch control circuit, the actuator (used to implement the mechanical action of desk lamp) and the main control circuit equipped with lower computer program, it can deal with the signal of voice recognition, light detection circuit, steering gear, light detection circuit and can communicate with the Personal Computer(PC) software and data interaction.
doi:10.14257/ijca.2014.7.10.27 fatcat:2hfj5gr7ibfx7kbjuqlv6lsmya