Stability analysis of wheat (Triticumaestivum L.emThell) genotypes under different eco-systems

R. K Gupta, Rashmi Nigam
2018 South Asian Journal of Food Technology and Environment  
Stability analysis of 15 different genotypes of wheat was evaluated in three environments. The three environments were artificial created by changing the dates of sowing i.e. timely sown, late sown and very late sown condition, irrigation and fertilizer levels. Observation were recorded for ii characters viz; Days to heading, days to maturity, plant height, peduncle length, No. of productive tillers per plant, spike length, No. of spikelets per spike, No. of grains per spike, 1000-rain weight,
more » ... rain yield per plant and harvest index. Mean performance between genotypes and environments were significant indicating substantial variability among genotypes and environments for all the characters except peduncle length and spike length. Combined effect of genotypes and environment was significant for all the traits except peduncle length and spike length. The linear effect of environment for stability was significant for the characters but interaction of genotypes into linear environmental effect was highly significant for all the characters except spike length and peduncle length. The estimated value showed deviation pooled over the entire environment exhibited that all the characters were highly significant except peduncle length and spike length. Pooled analysis of variance was highly significant differences among the genotypes and environment for all the traits except for peduncle length and spike length for all three environments.
doi:10.46370/sajfte.2018.v04i02.06 fatcat:msrwfaua6faixicnfdpkwbpiiu