Demonstration of Intracortical Chronic Recording and Acute Microstimulation Using Novel Floating Neural Probes

Andreas Schander, Heiko Stemmann, Andreas K. Kreiter, Walter Lang
2017 Proceedings (MDPI)  
This paper presents long-term stable multichannel recording of neural activity using novel intracortical floating probes implanted chronically in rat cortex. The novel flexible probe design approach allows recording of action potentials for at least 38 days after implantation. Furthermore the capability of the PEDOT: PSS coated microelectrodes for electrical stimulation is characterized in vitro and in an acute in vivo experiment. The in vitro results show a charge injection capacity of 2 mC/cm
more » ... capacity of 2 mC/cm 2 and the in vivo results demonstrate reproducible response of the neural network to charge injection up to 1 mC/cm 2 . The optical inspection of the explanted neural probe reveals sufficient stability of the PEDOT: PSS microelectrode coating for the acute microstimulation experiment. These preliminary results indicate the capability for long-term stable microstimulation.
doi:10.3390/proceedings1040511 fatcat:lem5r4fcpzaizgluaz7ptbdu2i