Numerical Analysis of Aerodynamic Characteristics of a of High-Speed Car With Movable Bodywork Elements

Tomasz Janson, Janusz Piechna
2015 Archive of Mechanical Engineering  
This paper presents the results of numerical analysis of aerodynamic characteristics of a sports car equipped with movable aerodynamic elements. The effects of size, shape, position, angle of inclination of the moving flaps on the aerodynamic downforce and aerodynamic drag forces acting on the vehicle were investigated. The calculations were performed with the help of the ANSYS-Fluent CFD software. The transient flow of incompressible fluid around the car body with moving flaps, with modeled
more » ... bulence (model Spalart-Allmaras or SAS), was simulated. The paper presents examples of effective flap configuration, and the example of configuration which does not generate aerodynamic downforce. One compares the change in the forces generated at different angles of flap opening, pressure distribution, and visualization of streamlines around the body. There are shown the physical reasons for the observed abnormal characteristics of some flap configurations. The results of calculations are presented in the form of pressure contours, pathlines, and force changes in the function of the angle of flap rotation. There is also presented estimated practical suitability of particular flap configurations for controlling the high-speed car stability and performance.
doi:10.1515/meceng-2015-0026 fatcat:nlcg6va5xbculiez4wcqfcc7c4