The British Noctuæ and their Varities, by J. W. Tutt F. E. S.,: Sevan, Sonneuschein & Co., Paternoster Square, London, E.C.: Volume I., 164 pages, May, 1891

A. R. Grote
1891 Canadian Entomologist  
This book is characterized by the extreme care which the author has taken in describing and fixing the original form which was taken as the basis for the first specific description, and thc enumeration and designa. tion of all the variities of the species hitherto known. It is simply invaluable to the Engiish collector, and has in so far an interest for the American, as the species common to Europe and America are fully treated, and it is a matter of scientific importance to ascertain whether
more » ... ascertain whether all the varieties of such species occur equally in both the Old and New World, or what varieties are peculiar to either, For clearness of treatment and precision of language the work cannot be too highly spoken of. Whether all the named varieties are constantly recurring, and sufficiently recognizable in every case is a matter for future elucidation; but it is undeniable that it is a matter of convenience that the varieties should receive special designations. In this way what are commonly called synonyms have a use in designating the particular form which they were originally intended to cover and the geographical distribution, and the occurrence of these varieties can be properly brcught to light. \Vhere a work has been prepared with so much evident care, and contains so many valuable scientifically-stated suggestioris as to the phenornena of variation itself, it disarms any unfavourable criticism. It seems, however, a matter of regret that the generic terms employed are not the most correct in a number of cases, that the system of M. Guende has been retained, and, lastly, that no account is made of possible variation in structure, nenration, armature and secondary characters. The work is well printed and will be of interest, and is hereby cordially commended to the notice of all lepidopterists.
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