U.S. Department of Energy, Carlsbad Area Office quality assurance program document. Revision 1 [report]

1996 unpublished
The CAO QA Program requirements, as described in this QAPD, have my full endorsement and complete support. Implementation of the applicable QAPD requirements, responsibilities, and authorities is mandatory for all CAO personnel. In support of this Policy Statement, ail CAO personnel are expected to demonstrate their personal commitment to the achievement of quality through their active involvement in the implementation of the CAO QA Program. CHANGE HISTORY Revision: Changes to the QAPD 1 The
more » ... D h a s been substantially rewritten, the structure has been reorganized and the content supplemented to transition from a CAO internal requirements and participant guidance document to a CAO "program-wide" requirements document. The document elements that defined the extent of applicability regarding specific QA program requirements have been clarified through the identification of "general" and "additional" requirements. Requirements for the grading of management controls have been clarified and more fully developed. The requirement for SNL and WID QAPDs was deleted. A requirement was added for each organization to prepare, submit for review, and maintain a QA implementing procedures matrix. Revisions were made to incorporate all the requirements of 40 CFR Part 194; ANSVNCSL 2540-1 ; and stakeholder comments. The use of the terms "will" and "shall" are interchangeable and denote requirements. Editorial changes were made throughout. CAO OAPD Rev. 1
doi:10.2172/378947 fatcat:ljotrn2mnnfk3mhsz6hxipwzu4