Evolution of Modern Management through Taylorism: An Adjustment of Scientific Management Comprising Behavioral Science

Nasir Uddin, Fariha Hossain
2015 Procedia Computer Science  
From traditional approach to scientific approach and then Scientific Management to Modern phase; methodology, principles and approaches have reached its current stage. Taylor, the originator of scientific management brought a revolution in the twentieth century by introducing scientific aspects of formulating patterns and disciplines within project management. Scientific management emphasizes on profit maximization by utilizing the workers through controlled mechanism, training, monetary
more » ... ves under managers, however it has been scrutinized and criticized highly for its short term focus on profit, treating workers as a machine like forms which eventually argued to result negative performance in the long run. Therefore, a drift towards behavioral study emerged and social factors have been included to address the challenges which Taylor's method neglected. This paper through an extensive literature review showed that, the advancement of technology and globalization stimulated the modern management approach to adjust and complement the scientific management by supplementing the human factor and their contributions within an organization rather than substituting the traditional approach. Therefore together with productive activities and completion of defined tasks, a successful modern day project management model highly values employee contribution and feedbacks at all level.
doi:10.1016/j.procs.2015.08.537 fatcat:h5tp4my7bffxdotpujwpclyrwe