Comparison of Effect of Additive midazolam with Neostigmine to lidocaine 5% in Post operation pain in colporrhaphy surgery in Spinal Anesthesia

Kamali Ar, Pazoki Sh, Vatanpour Kh
2012 Arak Medical University Journal (AMUJ)   unpublished
Pain is a complex problem, which can affect patients' physical and psychological condition. Inadequate postoperative pain control has adverse effects on the patients' physiological, metabolic and mental condition. Adding new supplement will increase the duration of analgesia. This study aimed to comparison of intratechal neostigmine and midazolam in increasing the time of postoperative analgesia. Materials and Methods: In this randomized double blind clinical trial, 60 patients with ASA class
more » ... II who were candidate for elective colporrhaphy surgery under spinal anesthesia were randomly divided into 3 groups of 20 patients. All patients received hyperbaric lidocaine 5% and groups I received 1 mg midazolam, groups II received 50 µg Neostigmine and groups III received 0.5 cc normal saline additionally. Then according VAS pain score, postoperative painless duration and pain score were compared between groups by running SPSS software. Results: Mean of painless duration in the Midazolam, Neostigmine and control groups were 98.4±18.2, 74.5±32.6 and 64.5±9.9 minutes respectively which was significantly longer than in Midazolam group (p<0.001). The mean dose of requested analgesia in first 24 hours after surgery was significantly lower in Midazolam group (p<0.001). Conclusion: Inthrathecal midazolam and Neostigmine as a complementary medication to lidocaine 5% can increase painless duration in colporrhaphy surgery and midazolam is more effective than Neostigmine.