Poultry Science Journal Effect of Using Enzyme Complex on Productivity and Hatchability of Broiler Breeders Fed a Corn-Soybean Meal Diet

Malekian Gh, Zamani Moghaddam, & Khajali, Ghodsi Malekian
2013 Poultry Science Journal   unpublished
Article history: A total number of 5520 female and 480 male breeders (Arbor Acres plus) at 42wks of age were used in a 10-week-trial to investigate the effect of an enzyme complex on the quality and quantity of egg production as well as hatchability of broiler breeders fed a corn-soybean meal diet. There were two dietary treatment groups: a control group fed on a corn-soybean based diet, and the multi-enzyme group that received the same diet plus an enzyme complex including xylanase, amylase,
more » ... ylanase, amylase, protease, phytase, ß-glucanase, hemicellulase, and pectinase. Results showed that egg production rate and egg mass were numerically increased as a result of enzyme supplementation and differences between the treatment groups were significant at week 46 (P<0.05). Hatchability was not influenced by supplementing multi-enzyme mixture in the diet. The proportion of cracked and broken eggs was signed (P<0.05) improved after using multi-enzyme supplementation in the diet of breeders. In conclusion, egg production and egg mass were increased as a result of multi-enzyme preparation. Significant improvements achieved in egg shell quality led to a greater number of eggs for hatching, though hatchability itself, was not improved by multi-enzyme supplementation.