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2014 Oncology  
A comprehensive source of authoritative information on ocular and adnexal radiation therapy The easiest way to order: w w This publication, a conjoint effort by ocular oncologists and radiation oncologists, comprises ten chapters covering basic and advanced radiation therapy techniques followed by specific indications by location (uveal, retinal, orbital tumors, eyelid and conjunctival tumors) and complications of radiation therapy. A chapter on investigational use of
more » ... onal use of radiation therapy for age-related macular degeneration is also included. The contributions are illustrated by photographs, imaging studies, and detailed treatment plans to clearly convey the fundamental concepts. Additional tables, flow diagrams, graphs or charts support the understanding of the subject. To ocular oncologists, radiation physicists, radiation therapists, and radiation oncologists this volume is a comprehensive source of authoritative information on the subject of ocular and adnexal radiation therapy. Contents Foreword: Lommatzsch, P.K. Preface: Singh, A.D.; Pelayes, D.E.; Seregard, S.; Macklis, R. • Introduction to Radiotherapy and Standard Teletherapy Techniques: Balagamwala, E.H.; Stockham, A.; Macklis, R.; Singh, A.D. • Teletherapy: Advanced Techniques: Stockham, A.; Balagamwala, E.H.; Singh, A.D.; Macklis, R. • Brachytherapy: Marwaha, G.; Macklis, R.; Singh, A.D.; Wilkinson, A. • Radiation Therapy: Uveal Tumors: Seregard, S.; Pelayes, D.E.; Singh, A.D. • Radiation Therapy: Retinal Tumors: Sethi, R.V.; MacDonald, S.M.; Kim, D.Y.; Mukai, S.
doi:10.1159/000363433 fatcat:ruz37yilzvcaphf5yoyrw4nhbi