Беата Дьёрфи
2016 Studia Slavica Savariensia  
The pronouns это and то display great functional diversity in present-day Russian (PDR): they can function as demonstrative pronouns, copulas and subjects with verbal or nominal predicates, and adverbial predicatives. Comparing the ways of expressing the subject in Old Russian and PDR I find that это и тo as subjects are relatively new phenomena. The article aims at exploring the diachronic reasons behind this change. In doing so, I first take a look at the transformation of the Old Russian
more » ... em of demonstratives and the formal evolution of the pronouns это и тo. Next I investigate parallel syntactic processes (use of 3rd personal pronouns in subject function, appearance of -o final adverbial predicatives, spread of infinitival subjects with это) that probably facilitated the functional expansion of these pronouns.
doi:10.17668/sss.2016.1-2.155 fatcat:rav6bealn5dq3idqx56c4btjry