Modification of Composite Material Fillers by Atmospheric Plasma Discharge

David Tichy, Pavlina Hajkova
2013 Acta Polytechnica  
This work is focused on the observation of the influence of cold atmospheric dielectric barrier discharge (DBD) on a modification of textile samples. The main objective of the experiment is to research wettability change of textiles modified by different exposure times and also the observation of the influence of a modification ageing effect. An ambient air was used as a working gas for DBD plasma. The wettability evaluation was carried out by a drop method, in which an imprint of the dropwas
more » ... served on the textile surface during various time intervals. An ageing effect of the modification was monitored within an interval of 28 days. Considerable increase of wettability of all modified samples has been proved. A fibre surface analysis was carried out by means of SEM.
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