Review on Designing and Development of Loading and Unloading Platform for Two Wheelers

Vedanand N. Mujbaile, Akash G. Kalamkar, Akshay K. Alagatu, Ashish N. Sonewane, Kapil S. Mahajan, Sumit D. Nagpure, Vedprakash S. Thakre, Vinit D. Sayankar
2022 International Journal for Research in Applied Science and Engineering Technology  
Abstract: Lift is a simple device use to raise the object from ground level to a certain height to perform a specific work with aiming of possible maximum load and minimum efforts. Lifts are generally operated either hydraulic, pneumatic or mechanical type. In many vehicle manufacturing industries, there are using lifting mechanism for loading and unloading operations which have to invest a huge capital for installing a exsisting bulkey and large platform which generally based on hydraulic
more » ... . This type of machine uses while export and import business. The main purpose of our study is to design and develop loading and unloading platform for two wheelers. Material selection plays important role in designing a machine and also influence on several factor such as strength, reliability, durability and resistance which leads to increase the life of lift. The aim of the project is to design and development of wire rope operated platform which lifts maximum 877.5 kg load including factor of safety with minimum time and labour for per cycle operation. Platform movement is achieved safely by using wire rope with the help of motor and drum assembly mechanism is of 2.8 m from the ground level. The design is performed by considering a mechanical lift as a portable, suitable for all type of load application and without any hydraulic or pneumatic means. The design is developed keeping in mind that consideration of all safety parameters. Lubrication required in few moving parts only. The aim of this paper is design, analysis and fabrication of a prototype mechanical lift which operate efficiently, consistently, sholud be easy to handle, multifunctional, cost effective, compact in size. Drafting and drawing of loading and unloading mechanical lift carried out in AUTOCAD with suitable modeling. The analysis of mechanical lift includes total deformation load, reaction forces, buckling and bending failures, equivalent stresses were done in ANSYS Software. Finally this analysis of strength, toughness, elasticity and temperature distribution is carried out in order to check the coherance of the design value. Keywords: Lifting Mechanism, Platform, Machine, Design and Development, Analysis, AUTOCAD, ANSYS Software.
doi:10.22214/ijraset.2022.40877 fatcat:4cygrvj5wrgkxhtqnrcnkbykmq