Extraction of Temporal Network Structures From Graph-Based Signals

Ronan Hamon, Pierre Borgnat, Patrick Flandrin, Celine Robardet
2016 IEEE Transactions on Signal and Information Processing over Networks  
A new framework to track the structure of temporal networks with a signal processing approach is introduced. The method is based on the duality between static networks and signals, obtained using a multidimensional scaling technique, that makes possible the study of the network structure from frequency patterns of the corresponding signals. In this paper, we propose an approach to identify structures in temporal networks by extracting the most significant frequency patterns and their activation
more » ... coefficients over time, using nonnegative matrix factorization of the temporal spectra. The framework, inspired by audio decomposition, allows transforming back these frequency patterns into networks, to highlight the evolution of the underlying structure of the network over time. The effectiveness of the method is first evidenced on a synthetic example, prior being used to study a temporal network of face-to-face contacts. The extracted sub-networks highlight significant structures decomposed on time intervals that validates the relevance of the approach on real-world data. Index Terms-temporal networks, multidimensional scaling, nonnegative matrix factorization, network structures, decomposition This is the author's version of an article that has been published in this journal. Changes were made to this version by the publisher prior to publication. The final version of record is available at http://dx.
doi:10.1109/tsipn.2016.2530562 fatcat:c4awfhw45nhitpk2qsadmx57o4