Dynamics of population and economic activity of the population of Chernihiv region

2020 Zenodo  
This article examines the current state and trends of demographic processes observed in recent years in the Chernihiv region. Changes in the population of Chernihiv oblast and Ukraine according to the State Statistics Service of Ukraine are analyzed. The distribution of existing population of the region by type of locality is considered. The dynamics of the population of Chernihiv region in terms of cities and districts has been investigated. The distribution of permanent population of the
more » ... n by main age groups and analyzed. When studying population change, an important indicator is the natural movement of the population. Therefore, the dynamics of fertility, mortality and natural increase (decrease) of the population were investigated. The number of children born by age groups of mothers is analyzed. The main causes of death are considered. The indicators characterizing the economic activity of the population, namely the level of unemployment, employment and economic activity of the population of Chernihiv region and Ukraine as a whole are analyzed. Conclusions were made and suggestions were made to improve the demographic situation in the region.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.3631605 fatcat:2k63tlvberghjnmp3gr653lsoa