What is Next for Large Public Green Spaces in Shanghai?

2017 Landscape Architecture Frontiers  
海岸保护;自然演替;修复;城市更新;绿色基础设施;公众意识 AbstrAct Large population and land shortage bring Shanghai unique challenges on future development. Ocean landfill has created more lands at the cost of losing habitats. The harsh conditions of the reclaimed land, however, make them still difficult places to live, even many years after being filled in. Long-term restoration and remediation are needed both along the shoreline and in reclaimed land areas. Urban regeneration of developed areas has gained more
more » ... ained more attention in recent years, as a way to control urban sprawl and preserve agricultural land. Such projects face complex mixture of current needs, historic preservation, constraints from existing infrastructure, land uses, and political issues. Strong design integration helps to enable the success of these projects. Lacking public engagement in the decision-making process for public projects often results in political agendas becoming the driving force of the design direction. As this direction can deviate from the best professional solutions, how can landscape architects influence the decision-making process for the better?
doi:10.15302/j-laf-20170612 fatcat:thm55xpb7bbvjfqhwic3hwh3sy