Floods inBuenos Airescity
Anegamientos en la Ciudad de Buenos Aires

Paulina Nabel, Magdalena Caretti
2004 Revista del Museo Argentino de Ciencias Naturales  
Floods in Buenos Airas city. Floods have been the main natural hazard iii thc urban environment nf the Buenos Aires area. As a result ofthe iin~arlarit economic losses and imeact on lik-aualitv. much has been i n the numerous floods occurred in Buenos Aires citv during Llie last elovon vears (1993)(1994)(1995)(1996)(1997)(1998)(1999)(2000)(2001)(2002)(2003). These initial ~ ~ results are part of a wider research, which attempts to establish a flood-dynamic model. It analyses in which way
more » ... in which way gcologiaa1 air4 geomorphologic features as welt as hydrologicat and climatic factors inseract among each other and with the urban environment, affecting the vovulation. The correlation of those factors and the -. . circumstances that trigger floods are analyzed in relation to local and global sit~rutions. Methodologies used by diflcrent institutions, incitidirig state and municipal organizations with compctcnce in urban flood control, arc discussed as a basis to find accurate criteria to identify and describe the events. lnadoquate data collection and information treatment of the events has lcd to very difforont results. Tho lack ofcontinuity in event rcicordinp, due to changes in policy decisions as well as the performance of st~ort-lived national or interrlational programs, has produced biased inlormation that has significantly changed the way the phenomena are recognized.
doi:10.22179/revmacn.6.83 fatcat:xtgoi4dcgrg7patjt4uzvlooam