Classification of Literary Works: Fractality and Complexity of the Narrative, Essay, and Research Article

Aldo Ramirez-Arellano
2020 Entropy  
A complex network as an abstraction of a language system has attracted much attention during the last decade. Linguistic typological research using quantitative measures is a current research topic based on the complex network approach. This research aims at showing the node degree, betweenness, shortest path length, clustering coefficient, and nearest neighbourhoods' degree, as well as more complex measures such as: the fractal dimension, the complexity of a given network, the Area Under
more » ... he Area Under Box-covering, and the Area Under the Robustness Curve. The literary works of Mexican writers were classify according to their genre. Precisely 87% of the full word co-occurrence networks were classified as a fractal. Also, empirical evidence is presented that supports the conjecture that lemmatisation of the original text is a renormalisation process of the networks that preserve their fractal property and reveal stylistic attributes by genre.
doi:10.3390/e22080904 pmid:33286673 fatcat:7h42xmeskjc35dxwlrqtm7mxvq