Inflammatory cytokines during a manic episode in bd patients and its correlation with cognitive and affective symptoms at follow-up

M. Estudillo Guerra, G. Torres Suarez, I. Mesia-Toledo, K. Pacheco-Barrios, J. Ramírez-Bemúdez
2021 European psychiatry  
IntroductionBipolar Disorder (BD) is a severe recurrent disorder with a complex biogenetic and psychosocial etiology. The immune system cytokines in interaction with the CNS play a role in the pathophysiology.ObjectivesTo compare inflammatory cytokines between BD patients and controls during the manic episode; additionally, compare these cytokines with psychiatric symptoms and cognitive performance during follow-up.MethodsWe recruited 25 BD patients in mania with paired controls. We measured
more » ... eline IL-2, IL-4, IL-8, IL-10, GM-CSG, TNF- α, and TNF- γ in plasma. We used U-Mann-Whitney for group comparison and Spearman correlation between sub-group follow-up assessments and cytokines.ResultsWe found a significant difference in IL-6 between subjects and controls (figure 1). During the follow-up, we found a correlation with psychiatric symptoms, cognition, and cytokines during manic episodes (Table 1). Table 1. Follow-up Correlation with cytokines during a manic episode. BD follow-up N=8CytokineMADRSBPRSSCIP-S WMT-SCIP-SPST-SCIP-SIL-10(-) Rho=-.957 (p=<0.001 R2=0.14).IL-4(+) Rho=.78 (p=0.02 R2=0.09)INF- γ(+) Rho=.73 (p=0.03 R2= 0.48)(+) Rho=.751 (p=0.032 R2=0.53)(+) Rho=.737 (p=.037 R2=0.40)INF- α(+) Rho=.887 (p=.003 R2=0.53),(+) Rho=.830 (p=0.011 R2=0.59)(+): positive correlation; (-): negative correlation. WMT: working-memory test, PST: Processing-speed test.ConclusionsIL-6 was significantly different in patients with BD during a manic episode regardless of the treatment they were taking. IL-10 at manic episode was negatively correlated to general psychiatric symptoms, IL-4 positive correlated to depressive symptoms, and cognitive performance was positively correlated to TNF- α and TNF- γ at follow-up.DisclosureNo significant relationships.
doi:10.1192/j.eurpsy.2021.1660 fatcat:ddrhhaqz7bdjtlre2mx2oe5f3i