Densification as the Only Mechanism at Stake during Indentation of Silica Glass?

Vincent Keryvin, Solene Gicquel, Ludovic Charleux, Jean Pierre Guin, Mariette Nivard, Jean Christophe Sangleboeuf
2014 Key Engineering Materials  
Silica glass is known to exhibit permanent changes in density under very high pressures. These changes may reach 21%. The sharp indentation test develops pressures underneath the indenter that trigger densification. Recently, we have proposed a constitutive modeling of the pressure-induced process accounting for its salient features: densification threshold, hardening, saturation of densifica- tion and permanent increase in elastic moduli. We examine in this paper the possibility that densi-
more » ... lity that densi- fication could be the only mechanism for creating an imprint by indentation. We consider different models with growing complexity that we implement in a finite element software. Results indicate that the combination of shear and pressure as a driving force to densification may account for the mechanical response of the indentation test as well as the presence of densified zone underneath the imprint.
doi:10.4028/ fatcat:aaruda6yezhfvpxgdeiwyuzlou