Pavankumar Naik, R Srinivas Rao Kunte
2022 Zenodo  
— Environmental factors and a wide variety of medications can harm DNA. Because of this, it is extremely difficult to comprehend and anticipate the effects of exposure to DNA-damaging chemicals in medication development and environmental health studies. Double-strand breaks of DNA induce γH2AX foci, which have become the gold standard for double-strand break detection. Measurements of γH2AX Currently, measuring the degree of Double-strand breaks repair and detecting IR-induced DNA damage using
more » ... hosphorylation is the most accurate approach available. Therefore, Measurements of H2AX foci might be a potential method to track Double-strand breaks or Double-strand break healing in cancer patients receiving radiation or chemotherapy so that dose can be tailored. As a result of nuclear mishaps and exposure to environmental pollutants that might harm DNA, it's also feasible that H2AX readings could be utilised for radiation biodosimetry for nuclear power plant employees or the general public. There are many techniques to detect and measure γH2AX foci, and other unsolved problems are discussed and a solution attempted is presented.
doi:10.5281/zenodo.7106772 fatcat:cfniolmxbncxpcgi4lxu4x7lz4